Intelligent analytical decision support systems


Joint-stock company "AgroTarget" - IT agricultural holding

Manufacturing Business Intelligence: Big Data Technologists, neural network technologies (NN), artificial intelligence technology (AI) and deep machine learning (ML) predictive modeling, recommendation systems and intelligent analytical decision support systems
Data stream
Continuous data and source monitoring, pipelining methodology, data value change control
Data structuring
Streaming data processing, aggregation, data cleaning and structuring, value validation, duplicate control
Own algorithms, data enrichment, training algorithms
Predictive analytics
Analytics in the form of simple responsive dashboards for important metrics online
Recommendation system
Unique system of demand generation and sales promotion, intelligent informer
Decision making system
ESCROW - platform for concluding transactions, Due Diligence of counterparties, system of ratings of suppliers and buyers

Business analytics

A single end-to-end platform for agricultural market analysis

Structured reports

Multi-user WEB-interface with the ability to generate, visualize and download analytical reports. Subscription, News Digest, Informer.

Business analytics BI

Development and implementation of individual analytical modules and systems for the collection, structuring and visualization for the internal corporate information systems of the customer

Динамическая база данных по API

API - interface for seamless connection with customer information systems for internal tasks
Representativeness of data
Only relevant data are processed, analysis of the reliability of statistical data
Predictive analytics
Neural network, price prediction, monitoring of the competitive environment
Demand generation system and sales stimulation
  • Data Lake
    Collecting, cleaning, structuring data from various sources. Data Management and Big Data Stack: SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hadoop, NoSQL, Column-oriented DBMS
  • DWH
    Machine learning algorithms, access to analytics, building dashboards. Advanced data analysis and forecasting. Stack: R, SPSS, Gretl, EViews, Statistica, Prognoz Platform, Mathematica, MATLAB, AnyLogic, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, XGBoost. Analytics and visualization Power BI, Pentaho, Prognoz Platform, Excel, SQL Server Reporting & Analysis Services
  • Trade Platform
    Decision-making system and conclusion of transactions. Stack: .Net, Java, Python, C / C ++, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Apache SOLR, NServiceBus
Target audience
We create unique products from collection to routine technical operations for processing market representative data

Poultry farms

All egg market stakeholders in one system. Catalog of poultry farms, hatching eggs, feed and additives, processed products, veterinary drugs, equipment and packaging, rating of manufacturers and buyers.

Cereals and industrial crops producers

A system for concluding deals and direct deliveries of cereals and additives for poultry farms. Guaranteed urgent settlements, long-term contracts, delivery by road of the holding's partners.

Manufacturers and traders of granulated sugar

Futures, conclusion of transactions, control of transportation and safe delivery of goods.


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